Erica Bertram

Communications Director
Erica Bertram

Erica joined the Ecology Center in September 2015. Bringing with her an adept marketing and communications approach that she is excited to apply toward making the planet a healthier place. Through telling the story of the Ecology Center’s role in the Environmental movement, she hopes to broaden awareness of the Ecology Center while inspiring community involvement.

She will also be overseeing marketing at the Ecology Center’s subsidiary, Recycle Ann Arbor, splitting her time between the two organizations. At Recycle Ann Arbor, her communication efforts will support Zero Waste initiatives and strengthen the connection between Recycle Ann Arbor and the Ecology Center.

In her previous work, she managed the marketing and merchandising at Zingerman’s Delicatessen from 2002 until 2015. While working at Zingerman’s, she led the development of their websites, e-news, social media, print design, promotions, advertising, and helped maintain a consistent look and feel. In addition to her role as the Marketing and Merchandising Manager, she also taught Zingerman’s Marketing Secrets Seminar for ZingTrain, a two-day training that covered numerous marketing topics. As a consultant for ZingTrain, she has collaborated with a wide variety of industries of both the profit and nonprofit sectors.

Erica holds a Bachelors of Science from Eastern Michigan University in Art Foundations and Marketing.