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Biden’s fuel efficiency, emission standards a step in the right direction

Ann Arbor, Mich. — Higher fuel efficiency and emissions standards being proposed at the federal level are a big step in the right direction, the Ecology Center said today in response to President Joe Biden’s announcement with automakers and the UAW.

President Joe Biden signed an executive order Thursday that sets a goal that by 2030 half of the new vehicles sold in the United States will be emission-free. In addition, Biden announced new, stronger fuel economy and greenhouse gas standards for light-duty cars and trucks, in a major shift from the weakened standards adopted by the previous administration.  Transportation is now the nation’s largest source of greenhouse gas pollution. 

“Clean cars and trucks are essential in fighting climate change and improving public health, and the President’s actions today are a big step in the right direction,” said Charles Griffith, Climate and Energy Program Director for the Ecology Center. “This announcement, combined with critical infrastructure investments in electric vehicle production and charging stations being proposed at both the federal and state level, will go a long way toward putting us on a path to address the climate challenge.  However, the proposed standards must not be watered down and even stronger long-term emission standards will be needed to get us the rest of the way. This is why it’s so critical that Michigan automakers are leading the electrification of the auto industry, and that Michigan policymakers support additional policies to accelerate and take advantage of this transition.”