Abortion is Healthcare

The Ecology Center Condemns the U.S. Supreme Court’s Decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization

The Ecology Center is both saddened and angered by the recent rulings of the U.S. Supreme Court. Our work on environmental health and justice has a direct connection with reproductive justice. 

The communities that we work with that face disproportional burdens from air and water pollution, unhealthy homes, and detrimental impacts from climate change are the same communities that will face higher rates of maternal and infant mortality in the wake of the making abortion illegal in many states. We know that these community members will be more unlikely to be able afford the cost and time off necessary to travel out of state for abortion services. 

It is vital that people, in partnership with their physicians, have the freedom and autonomy to make their own healthcare decisions regarding all aspects of reproduction and pregnancy.  Reproductive care is healthcare. Abortion is healthcare. The Dobbs decision, and States that rely on it to limit previously-protected abortion rights, will actively harm women, the LGBTQ+ community, historically marginalized communities, and the practice of health care. 

The Ecology Center believes that everyone should have access to reproductive care, including abortion, and we will act consistently with these beliefs.  Accordingly, the Ecology Center:

  • Will partner with and demonstrate our solidarity with reproductive rights groups dedicated to health equity and reproductive rights; and
  • Will support access to abortion healthcare within our own organization for our employees should they have to leave their home state for abortion.

The Ecology Center is a non-partisan organization centered on health and justice. Access to abortion services is a critical public health and justice issue. We encourage everyone who shares our position to join us in speaking out and taking action.