GM bolts forward with new EV announcements

GM was the first to make a long range, low price full electric vehicle, and the company does not plan to rest on its laurels. At an event last month, GM declared its plan for a future with “zero crashes, zero emissions, and zero congestion,” as reported by M-Live. The first step will be releasing two new EVs in the next 18 months, based off of lessons learned from the development and release of the Bolt. The next step? 20 new EVs by 2023.

The two models coming in the immediate future will likely be an SUV and a sports car, as reported by the Associated Press. While GM didn’t release many details on the 20 new models, it’s an exciting mystery. The automaker didn’t just announce 20, it announced at least 20 models. Even as we learn about the new offerings, we can expect more to come.

We do know two things about these new vehicles. First, they will be a mix of battery electric vehicles and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. Second, the models released after these first two Bolt-based vehicles will feature a new battery system. GM and Honda teamed up earlier this year to manufacture fuel cells in GM’s Brownstown, Michigan plant, so whatever developments GM has in the works, there is a lot of exciting development happening here in Michigan.