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The Health Effects of Lead

Lead Basics

The first half of this seminar covers the basics of lead: what is it? How do we come into contact with lead? What are the health impacts of lead exposure? What can we do about lead in our homes? Slides for this presentation are linked in the download section at the bottom of this page.

The second half of this seminar features a question and answer session with impacted families led by Deputy Director Rebecca Meuninck.

Did you know that prevention is the most effective way to address lead poisoning? There is no safe level of lead exposure, which damages the brain and nervous system, leading to lasting health and developmental problems. Lead poisoning is linked to antisocial behaviors in children, and an estimated 10% of juvenile delinquency can be attributed to lead poisoning.

Webinar Recording 

Impacts of Lead in Michigan

In this webinar, Environmental Health Program Assistant Tonya Summerlin and Americorps’ Iselda Esquivel explain how people get exposed to lead and what we can do to support children with lead poisoning. Then, Dr. Rhonda Conner-Warren speaks with LIFT participants about the costs of lead exposure, from health impacts to economic burdens. Slides for this presentation are linked below.

Webinar Recording