A row of faucets along a wall

Plumbing Materials and Fixtures

Proposed procurement goals: 
  • 100% of plumbing materials purchased are certified as lead-free by an ANSI-accredited body 
  • 100% of plumbing fixtures are EPA water sense labeled
  • Preference given to products with publicly available information to encourage the use of building products that are working to minimize their environmental and health impacts
    • Material ingredients documentation demonstrating the chemical inventory of the product to at least 0.1% (1,000 ppm) with all content characterized and screened.
Case study and resource: 
  • HomeFree water pipe hazard and rating system
  • New York City created a set of procurement specifications for environmentally preferable building construction and facility maintenance products, Minimum Standards for Construction Products. This resource covers appliances, architectural coatings, HVAC equipment, lighting products, plumbing fixtures, and other miscellaneous construction products, and identifies minimum standards for each product type, requiring third-party certifications of environmental claims when certified products are readily available. RPN