Bottles of cleaning products

General Cleaning

Purchase and use only those cleaning products that meet third party certified criteria in the following categories: carpet, window, all purpose, bathroom, and general floor care. Products intended for disinfection/ sterilization are not included in this goal. It is important to use the appropriate level of cleaning, to disinfect or sterilize only when necessary, and to use the least toxic cleaning products when doing so. See RPN’s cleaning and disinfection purchasing guide for more information. 

Proposed Procurement Goals:
     Stretch Goal:
  • Avoid all PFAS in cleaning products 
Case Studies and Resources:
  • In 2013, Santa Clara County, CA incorporated a Green Cleaning Policy into its Policies of Sustainability. It states: “All cleaning products used within County owned or operated facilities shall be certified by a nationally recognized, third party, certifying organization or the products must be approved by the procuring department as equal to the green certified products, unless green products are unavailable, not cost effective or not practicable.” This policy is supported by the adoption of “Administrative Guidelines that detail purchasing and handling of green cleaning products and equipment, provide information on best practices, identify exemptions and note chemicals to avoid.”
  • Portland, OR’s Healthy Purchasing Initiative requests “chemical ingredient hazard disclosure of goods and materials purchased by the City including but not limited to: cleaning supplies, office supplies, building products and materials, infrastructure materials.” RPN
  • RPN's Cleaners Calculator quantifies the environmental benefits of purchasing and using "green" janitorial services and products.
  • Alameda County's Janitorial Cleaning Products Bid and Janitorial Paper Products Bid provide model contract language.
  • The City of San Francisco requires the use of general purpose cleaning products certified by GreenSeal, UL ECOLOGO, EPA Safer Choice, or Cradle to Cradle Gold