Reusable Food Service Ware

Proposed procurement goals:  
Public policy:
  • Do not grant licenses to businesses without dishwashing capacity
  • Require eateries with dishwashing capacity to provide reusable foodware for dine-in customers
  • Provide economic support and incentives for businesses; Government can stimulate a transition to reusable and refillable through tax incentive programs, technical assistance for businesses, and grants to businesses, non-profits organizations, and other government entities
  • Introduce bans on throw-away packaging products; A variety of these bans exist–from the California and New York state bans on disposable hotel toiletry containers, to bans on disposable cups at government facilities in Scotland and cities in Ireland
  • Introduce consumer charges for throw-away cups and containers, plus mandatory reuse. Berkeley, CA’s January 2019 Single-Use Foodware and Litter Reduction ordinance was the first policy in the world to enact a mandatory consumer charge for take-out throw-away cups city-wide. Subsequently several California cities as well as Vancouver, BC have enacted charges on cups and a few also charge for containers and utensils. 
  • Require that disposable compostable straws, stirrers, cup spill plugs, napkins, and utensils for take-out are provided only upon request by the customer or at a self-serve station. Over thirty local jurisdictions, including Los Angeles, Washington, D.C. and Denver, have enacted policies that require food businesses to ask first before providing customers with foodware accessories. Two states have enacted accessories on request for all material types: California (AB 1276-Carillo) and Washington State (SB 5022-Das).
Case studies and resources: