Recycling Craft and Chat Videos

Visit the Ecology Center’s Environmental Education YouTube channel to view our monthly Recycling Craft and Chat series. Learn about a different recycling and sustainability topic each month and join us to make a family-friendly craft using commonly found household items.

Recycling Craft Videos Scheduled for 2020-2021

September 2020: Textiles 

The best way to take care of waste is not produce it in the first place. Textiles are one of the fastest growing waste items in the United States. Join us to discuss alternative means to recycle or reuse fabric.

Craft Activity: Reusable Masks - Create your own washable face mask to stay safe this fall.

October 2020: Glass 

Glass holds a unique place in Michigan's recycling world. An example of recycling at its best and at the same time posing challenges to our modern recycling system. Learn a bit about the history of glass, why it is such a useful material, and it's current role for recycling.

Craft Activity: Glass Jars to Glass Lanterns - Create your own beautiful, spooky, or silly glass lantern. 

November 2020: Waste & Wildlife 

How does waste impact wildlife here in Michigan?  Learn about some of Michigan's winter residents and the way their lives intersect with our waste, for better or worse.

Craft Activity: Bird Feeders - Transform plastic containers and compostable cardboard into winter feeders for backyard wildlife.

December 2020: E-Waste  

Between Thanksgiving and New Year's, household waste increases by 25%. Electronics in particular are discarded as we seek out new models and the latest technology. Learn what happens to our electronic waste and locally what options we have to recycle and reduce e-waste.

Craft Activity: Upcycled Gift Boxes and Wrapping - Transform common household items into beautiful packaging for holiday gifts.

January 2021: Recycling Center Contamination 

Some items are not recyclable because they are just too small. Come learn what contamination looks like at a MRF and how you can help create quality recycling in your community. 

Craft Activity: Mini-Wind Chimes - Brighten the dark and windy winter days with a bit of music made from materials that are too small to recycle.