transportation sector is now the top producer of greenhouse gas pollution

Tell EPA: Keep Our Skies Clear of Dirty Truck Emissions!

The transportation sector is now the top producer of greenhouse gas pollution in the U.S.  But did you know that medium and heavy-duty trucks account for 28% of the industry’s carbon emissions, and 57 percent of fine particulate matter (PM2.5)? 

The Biden administration’s EPA has stepped up to develop new standards to help limit pollution from dirty diesel trucks–a critical step forward in the fight for climate justice. But we’ve reviewed the EPA’s proposal, and unfortunately it is not up to the task

Given that the current guidelines haven’t been updated in nearly 20 years and diesel emissions from vehicles are now responsible for over 8,000 premature deaths annually, we need sweeping change, and we need it now.

The good news: there’s still time to act. The EPA will accept public comments on its proposal through May 12th. Will you let the EPA know that you support stronger standards limiting diesel emissions, including a national zero-emission truck requirement? 

When we tackle truck emissions, we’re putting people—and the planet—first. Stronger EPA standards will reduce the presence of toxic pollutants in our communities, allowing everyone to breathe easier. And a faster transition to clean energy sources in the transportation sector and beyond will boost economic opportunity for all.

Tell the EPA: keep our skies (and our lungs) clear of dirty truck emissions. A safer, more sustainable future depends on it.

Suggested Comments: 

  • The trucks regulated by this rule will be on the road for decades, so these vehicles must be cleaned up as soon as possible. Families in diesel death zones and environmental justice communities have suffered long enough and cannot wait extra model years for clean air, and drivers cannot wait extra model years for more efficient, pollution-free trucks.
    • The proposed Heavy Duty NOx and greenhouse gas standards must be finalized this year
  • Cleaner trucks are not only available and ready now, they also are projected to deliver critical cost savings for operators and drivers. 
  • EPA must enact standards that put the American truck and bus fleet on a clear roadway to 100% zero-emission sales by 2035.  

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