About the Ecology Center

Founded in 1970, the Ecology Center is organized for one purpose– to develop innovative solutions for healthy people and a healthy planet. We believe that the central question of our time is how human beings are going to thrive in the world without destroying the earth's ability to sustain us. In the face of enormous environmental challenges, within a new political administration that will not support our efforts and will create policies that will most certainly create further harm, the Ecology Center plays a critical role in advancing solutions to protect people and the planet.  

During these tumultuous times, many feel overwhelmed and powerless against the powers that be. However, the people united will never be defeated. We must unite for the common cause, for environmental justice, and for social justice. Climate change will not subside merely because those in power do not believe in it, and neither will we. We will continue, through your support, to trudge forward, to create change around us, to progress despite adversity.  

Our Work 

The Ecology Center has prioritized work in four key areas and implemented local and national programs in each. 

How We Do It

  • We educate consumers to help keep their families healthy and safe. 
  • We push corporations to use clean energy, make safe products, and provide healthy food. 
  • We work with local and state policymakers to establish laws that protect communities and the environment.