From The Ground Up Circle

Protect our environmental health every month

From The Ground Up Circle is a community of generous and caring monthly donors advocating for environmental health and justice. People like you, from across the country, giving their best monthly gift to help protect our environment, public health and disadvantaged communities.

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Why join The Circle?

It’s impactful- You’ll support the environmental health of our communities and advocate for environmental justice for disadvantaged communities. 

It’s sustainable- Your monthly gifts provide predictable income that can help us plan for the future and continue to work on our mission, healthy people and a healthy planet.

It’s community- You’ll join a committed group of people who want to create a greater impact together and make our work possible. It’s the community where you feel that you belong.

It’s fulfilling- You’ll feel aligned with your giving goals supporting the causes that you care about and helping make a difference.

It’s manageable- You can make smaller monthly gifts that make a huge difference and impact over time. You can change the amount of your monthly gifts or cancel your monthly gifts at any time. 

What are the benefits when you join The Circle?

Special events- You’ll be invited to our in-person and virtual special events for community discussions where you can meet and talk to experts, Ecology Center staff and Executive Director about critical environmental health and justice issues.

Recognition on our website- You’ll be recognized as a monthly donor on our website.

VIP newsletters- You’ll receive update newsletters twice a year that include stories, achievements and impact you help us make possible with your monthly donations.

Discounted tickets to our Fall Fundraiser- You’ll receive discounted tickets to attend our Changemakers Fall Fundraiser along with more than 200 of our community members and enjoy good music, food and a conversation about environmental health and justice.

The impact of your gift when you join The Circle:

$10/month (33c/day)- Test consumer products for toxic chemicals in our lab and launch campaigns to drive change in the market and public policy.

$15/month (50c/day)- Empower 10 lead-impacted families with tools that they can use to advocate for better lead policies at the local, state and national levels.

$30/month ($1/day)- Protect our drinking water from PFAS pollution and advocate for public policies in federal governments to set health-protective standards, clean up existing PFAS contamination, prevent future PFAS pollution, and develop PFAS-free procurement initiatives.  

$50/month ($1.66/day)- Advocate for clean energy to address climate crisis and air pollution, and advocate for energy equity for low-income households.

It all adds up. Your monthly gift makes a difference the moment you join From The Ground Up Circle.

Join the Circle