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The Ecology Center develops innovative solutions for healthy people and a healthy planet. 

Core beliefs of the Ecology Center is that health must be at the center of our work, and that planetary health and the health of ecological systems are a necessary foundation for human health. You can’t have healthy people on a sick planet. In the same way, you can’t have a healthy population with dysfunctional city planning, lack of mass transit, a broken agricultural system, a carbon-reliant energy system, an uneducated and unengaged civic body, a toxic material economy. A health-centered approach makes environmental issues more real for people.

The mission of Healthy Homes Coalition of West Michigan is to prioritize children's health and wellbeing by eliminating harmful housing conditions, beginning in Grand Rapids’ hardest hit neighborhoods. We achieve that mission through direct services, community organizing, and continuous collaboration.

Clean and Healthy New York (CHNY) is an advocacy organization building a just and healthy society in which toxic chemicals are unthinkable. Since 2006, CHNY’s work changes laws, shifts markets, and empowers people to advance innovative solutions and create a sustainable economy. CHNY co-leads, with WEACT for Environmental Justice,  the JustGreen Partnership - a coalition of 50 groups working for environmental health and justice for New York’s people and communities. CHNY and JustGreen have helped win testing for lead in school drinking water, and bans on lead in children’s products. CHNY leads the national Getting Ready for Baby campaign to get toxic chemicals including lead out of products made for babies and toddlers. CHNY is a member of the steering committee of the Lead-Free Kids NY campaign, a growing coalition working for state policy changes that prevent children from being exposed to lead.  The organization also trains child care providers to avoid toxic chemicals like lead in their facilities.

The Ohio Healthy Homes Network (OHHN) is a nonprofit organization that promotes healthy, safe and affordable housing for all Ohioans, especially those at the greatest risk. Rooted in years of work on lead poisoning prevention, OHHN also works to address health-related housing issues like environmental indoor air quality and aging-in-place. We do this by helping people all over Ohio connect to local resources in their communities, whether they are parents looking to make their homes lead-safe for their children or professionals seeking to collaborate across sectors.

Women for a Healthy Environment (WHE) educates individuals about environmental risks to human health, provides action steps communities can take to mitigate those risks, and advocates for solutions to better protect the region. The population served includes parents, students, children, school and early learning personnel, health and community-based organizations, with an emphasis on those living in underserved communities. Creating healthy spaces for children to live, learn and play is at the core of our work.

Women for a Healthy Environment educates and empowers women to act as ambassadors about environmental risks so they can make healthy choices for themselves and their families and advocate for change for a better tomorrow for all. Women for a Healthy Environment addresses environmental risks that impact public health through educational programming, community support, technical assistance and advocacy.

Clean Water Action (CWA) is an advocacy and educational organization that promotes the public interest in protection of natural resources. Clean Water Action's mission is to develop strong grassroots environmental leadership and to bring together diverse constituencies to work cooperatively for changes that improve their lives -- focused on health, consumer, environmental and community problems. Since starting it’s Minnesota office in 1982, Clean Water Action has helped people make successful policy changes for cleaner and safer water, cleaner air and protection from toxic pollution in our homes, neighborhoods and workplaces.

CWA works with the public to engage them in using their power as consumers to drive markets, we advocate for protective policies at all levels, and we organize in communities to build grassroots support for our work. For the last 15 years, CWF has led the Healthy Legacy Coalition, a statewide, 35-member health-based coalition promoting healthy lives by supporting the production and use of everyday products without toxic chemicals.

The Lead Safe Cleveland Coalition is a public-private partnership formed to address the issue of lead poisoning in our community. Our approach is preventive, comprehensive, and long-term. The Coalition is open to everyone and is currently made up of more than 400 members, 120 organizations, state and local governments, and families impacted by lead. The Coalition is focused on preventing lead poisoning. The centerpiece of this effort is the Lead Safe Certification.

The Coalition also works on education and community engagement, increased screening and testing for lead poisoning, and early intervention for children and families impacted by lead.

The Coalition elevates the voices of residents, landlords, advocates, and experts. We rely on the experiences of those who have been impacted by lead poisoning in developing policy recommendations, creating the Lead Safe Home Fund, establishing the Lead Safe Resource Center, and educating and empowering community members to make their neighborhoods lead safe.

The Ohio Lead Free Kids Coalition is a collection of organizations and individuals who share a deep and urgent concern about the potentially life-long harm caused by lead poisoning and the future well-being of our state. We work collaboratively toward a meaningful public commitment and investment to ensure all Ohio children are safe from lead in their homes and communities.

The overall aim of the De-Lead Education & Advocacy Parent Group is to increase the number of parents in Detroit knowledgeable about lead-poisoning, lead remediation, and resources available so as to improve lead impact outcomes through advocacy for their families and for a lead-free Detroit. The parents’ platform is leading the way to end lead poisoning with advocacy at city and county level and hopes influence state, and/or national decision makers. 

Join Us! We welcome other organizational partners in Great Lakes states working at the state or local level to address childhood lead exposure to join our Network. 

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