80 percent of receipts tested for BPS

Test Results: Receipts From 2022

Published on March 23, 2023

The table shows test results from purchase receipts printed at national and large regional chain stores in the United States in 2022.

BPS = Bisphenol S

BPA = Bisphenol A

Non-bisphenol = developer chemicals that are not in the bisphenol class that may be safer alternatives

Business Receipts Tested Store Locations Results
7-Eleven 1 MI BPS
Ace Hardware 4 MI BPS
Altar'd State 1 MN BPS
Amazon 1 Unknown BPS
American Eagle 1 CA BPS
Apple Store 1 MI BPS
Athleta 2 IL, MI BPS
Auto Zone 2 MD, MN BPS
Bahama Breeze 2 DE BPS
Barnes & Noble 1 MI BPS
Baskin Robbins 1 MI BPS
Bed Bath and Beyond 2 MI, VA BPS
Best Buy 5 MD, MI, MN, VA Non-bisphenol
Big Lots 1 MD BPS
Bojangles 1 TN BPS
Boston Market 1 NJ BPS
BP Sunrise 1 FL BPS
Burger King 1 MI BPS
Carter's 1 MI BPS
Casey's General Store 1 MN BPS
Cenex Travel Plaza 2 MN BPS
Chick-fil-A 1 MD, TN BPS
Chipotle 5 CA, D.C., IL, MI BPS
Circle K 4 MI BPS
Clothes Mentor 1 MI BPS
Costco 1 MN BPS
Costco 5 MI, MN, WA Non-bisphenol
Costco Gas 1 MI BPS
Culver's 1 MN Uncoated
CVS 7 MA, MI, MN Non-bisphenol
Dairy Queen 1 MN BPS
Dick's Sporting Goods 1 MI BPS
Dollar General 1 MI BPS
Dollar Tree 6 MI, MN, NJ BPS
Domino's Pizza 1 MN BPS
Dunham's Sports 1 MI BPS
Dunkin Donuts 1 MI BPS
Exxon Cross Roads Gas and C-store 2 MD BPS
Family Dollar 3 MD, MI BPS
FedEx 1 MI BPS
Five Below 3 MI, NJ BPS
Food Lion 3 GA, NC, VA BPS
Forever 21 1 MI BPS
FP Movement (Free People) 1 CA BPS
Fresh Thyme 2 MI BPS
Gap Outlet 1 MD BPS
Giant 3 MD, VA BPS
H Mart 1 MA BPS
H&M 1 MN Non-bisphenol
Hannaford 1 ME BPS
Harbor Freight 1 MI BPS
Harris Teeter 2 D.C., NC BPS
Holiday Station Store 3 MN BPS
Home Goods 3 MI, NJ Non-bisphenol
Hot Topic 1 MI BPS
Huntington Bank 1 MI BPS
Hy-Vee 1 MN BPS
Illy Coffee 1 MI BPS
In-N-Out Burger 1 CA BPS
Jamba Juice 1 MN BPS
JCPenney 2 MD BPS
Jersey Mike's Subs 1 MD BPS
JoAnn Fabric and Crafts 3 MI, MN BPS
Kohl's 1 MI BPS
Kroger 19 MI BPS
Kroger Fuel 1 MI BPS
Kwik Trip 2 MN BPS
L.L. Bean 1 MN BPS
Lego 1 NY BPS
Little Caesar's 1 MI BPS
Lowe's 5 MD, MI, NJ BPS
Lululemon 1 CA Non-bisphenol
Macy's 1 MI BPS
Marshalls 1 MI Non-bisphenol
McDonald's 7 MI, MN, TN, VA BPS
Meijer 7 MI BPS
Meijer Gas Station 2 MI BPS
Menards 5 MI, MN BPS
Michaels Craft Store 2 MN, NJ BPS
NAPA Auto Parts 1 MN BPS
Noodles & Company 2 MI BPS
Nordstrom 1 MI BPS
Nordstrom Rack 1 MI BPS
Ocean State Job Lot 2 MA BPS
Office Depot 2 MD, MI BPS
Old Navy 2 CA, MD BPS
Olive Garden 2 NJ BPS
One Stop 2 WV BPS
Panda Express 7 MD BPS
Panda Express 2 MD Inconclusive
Panera Bread 2 MI BPS
Party City 1 MI BPS
Petco 2 CA, MN BPS
PetPeople 1 MI BPS
PetSmart 3 MI, MN, NJ BPS
PGA Tour Superstore 1 MN BPS
Pho Hoa 1 MA BPA
Pilot 2 KY, SC BPS
Plum Market 2 MI BPS
Popeye's 6 MD BPS
Ragstock 2 MI, MN BPS
Ralphs 1 CA BPS
REI 2 MI, WA Non-bisphenol
Rite Aid 6 MI, NY BPS
Runnings 2 MN BPS
Sally Beauty 1 MD BPS
Sam's Club 3 MN, NV BPS
Sam's Club Gas 2 NV Non-bisphenol
Sephora at JC Penney 1 MI BPS
Shake Shack 1 MI BPS
Shell 4 MD, MI BPS
Sherwin-Williams 2 MI BPS
ShopRite 2 NJ BPS
Sierra Trading Post 1 MI Non-bisphenol
Smith's Food and Drug 1 NV BPS
Speedway 1 MN BPS
Spencer's 1 MI BPS
Staples 1 MI BPS
Starbucks 2 MI, WA Non-bisphenol
Subway 1 MI BPS
Taco Bell 2 MN, WV BPS
Target 17 MI, MN, NJ, NY, VA, WA Non-bisphenol
The Home Depot 8 MA, MD, MI, MN, NJ, VA BPS
The UPS Store 1 MN BPS
The Vitamin Shoppe 1 MI BPS
Tim Horton's 1 MI BPS
TJ Maxx 1 MI Non-bisphenol
Trader Joe's 13 CA, MA, MD, MI, MN, NC, NV Non-bisphenol
Ulta 1 MI BPS
United States Postal Service 12 MI, MN BPS
Universal Studios 2 FL BPS
Verizon 1 NY BPS
Victoria's Secret 1 MI BPS
Walgreens** 6 MI, MN, NY, WA BPS
Walmart 11 FL, GA, MA, MD, MI, MN, NJ BPS
Wegmans 5 MA ,NJ, NY BPS
Wendy's 3 MN BPS
Whole Foods Market 3 CA BPS
Whole Foods Market 13 CA, FL, MA, MI, WA Non-bisphenol
WinCo Foods 1 NV BPS
Wyndham Garden Hotel 1 MI BPS

Note: Each business in the above table is listed just once, regardless of how many receipts were collected at different store locations, except when the receipts from a business did not all show the same test result. In the latter case, the different results are shown in separate rows (e.g. Costco, Whole Foods).

** In 2023, Walgreens made a commitment to eliminate bisphenol receipts from their stores and to offer a no-receipt option.