Become an EcoAdvocate 

All it takes is a few simple clicks, and you can contribute a monthly recurring donation in any amount you wish.  Join our club of eco-lovers and become a monthly donor— it's a great way to budget your commitment to the environment and to keep the Ecology Center's campaigns running steady.

Matching Gifts

Increase the impact of your gift by getting your company to match your donation. Ask your Human Resources department about how to take advantage of your company's matching gift program. If you aren't sure if your company matches gifts of you would like to get a matching gift program started, contact the Ecology Center and we'll give you a helping hand.

If your workplace runs an employee giving campaign, you can choose to give to the environment through Earth Share of Michigan (and designate the Ecology Center!). Again, if your company doesn't have an Earth Share campaign, or you're unsure, then call the Ecology Center at 734-761-3186 and we'll help you get one started.

Use GoodSearch

Making a difference is now as easy as surfing the web. Set as your default search engine and choose the Ecology Center as your favorite non-profit. Every time you search, we'll earn cash! Cool, right?

Support Ecology Center events

All of our events have sponsorship opportunities for individuals and businesses. Contact us for more information.